Treble Winner's FBA WIP Drivers

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Welcome to this simple page. Listed here are details of some of my WIP drivers for the arcade emulator FB Alpha. Because I'm lazy and don't get much time to update this page and create drivers whilst also participating in Real Life (tm), then the page probably won't be updated too frequently.

Occasionally I may post WIP drivers here for download - however, I will not post binaries. The definition of WIP is strictly that, ie, finished drivers will not be posted. The purpose of posting drivers is to enable those interested to progress any drivers which I have had enough of. Any drivers which I post are for personal builds only - please do not distribute any builds with these drivers in. If this happens then I won't post any drivers again.

For other FB Alpha WIP News check out Kev's WIP Site which also contains other technical information. You can also check out the Official FB Alpha WIP Page.



Solomon's Key
Solomon's KeySolomon's Key
Relatively simple - the only pain in the arse was the sprite decoding.

Snow Brothers
Snow BrothersSnow Brothers
Very similar hardware to Hyper Pacman - no sound emulation though as it uses a YM3812 again.

Hyper Pacman
Hyper PacmanHyper Pacman
Everything works fine. Simple enough hardware, a 68000 and a Z80 with a YM2151 and MSM6295 for the sound. Graphics only consist of a sprite layer. The only pain-in-the-arse bit was the graphics decoding, otherwise it's a fairly simple driver.

World Cup 90
World Cup 90World Cup 90
Spent half-an-hour setting up the palette and aligning the character layer. Also got the ROM banking working on both of the emulated Z80's so the game runs now.
Driver History

Oh My God!
Oh My God!Oh My God!
The driver is preliminary, although everything just about works ok. A couple of glitches in the graphics, but the inputs and sound are fine.

The first driver I've actually completed. Really simple hardware. One Z80, two tilemap layers and an OKIM6295 for the sound. The driver is complete and only took about 6 hours to finish.

Prehistoric Isle in 1930
Prehistoric Isle in 1930Prehistoric Isle in 1930
Graphics and inputs are complete. There is no sound emulation due to a lack of emulation of the YM3812 and the UPD7759 sound chips. These may get added to FB Alpha at a later date - probably not by me unless I learn a few new tricks first.

Various Games on Galaxian Hardware
GalaxianPiscesScramble (bootleg)
Frogger (bootleg)4 Fun in 1Ghost Muncher
The first driver I wrote from scratch. A lot of games supported (not all of them shown above). Everything works, but sound isn't emulated, nor is it likely to be. Currently, it is in a bit of a mess - one day I will tidy it up and put it up on this page.